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Q: I have beautiful hardwood floors and love to keep a nice shine on them. What is the best way to care for these floors?

A: Your description indicates your floors are finished with polyurethane, a widely used and durable finish. Polyurethane, which forms a tough surface film on the wood, has a built-in shine that doesn't need - and shouldn't be given - waxes or polishes to enhance it. The main goal in keeping poly floors looking good is to keep them clean. Once of the best steps is to vacuum the floors regularly to remove loose dust and dirt. The vacuum should not have any attachments that can scratch or mar the finish. When additional cleaning is needed, the floors can be damp-mopped, but using as little water as possible. Some experts recommend a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar to four cups of warm water. Apply to a small section at a time with a clean cloth or sponge, well-wrung out, and dry each section of floor immediately after it is cleaned.

A better approac is to use a special hardwood floor clear such as the one supplied in Bona's new hardwood-floor care system, a kit that has all the materials needed for proper cleaning of polyurethane and laminate floors. The kit includes a quart of cleaner and a long-handled applicator faced with a washable microfiber pad. Some cleaner is poured on the floor and some easy spreading with the pad leaves a clean, streak-free finish. To purchase the Bona hardwood floor care system click here.

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